5 Back Massage Tips

If you're looking to delight your special lady in exciting new ways, these 5 back massage tips will have her melting—literally—at the tips of your fingers. Successful seduction begins with a respectful and loving attitude, a soothing atmosphere and bone-deep relaxation. Pamper your lady with the latest back massage techniques and keep her coming back for more.

  1. Be prepared: Preparation continues to dominate as one of the most useful back massage tips. Before the first touch of hands to skin, set a seductive stage with dim lights, scented candles and soft music. Stock up on good essential oils that will delight her senses and provide the smooth motions that ladies enjoy. Check your expectations at the door and let nature take its course.
  2. Warm Up: Both you and your partner deserve an enjoyable warm-up to the main event. Start with soft, feathery strokes that trail deliciously across her spine with the barest hint of pressure. Avoid ticklish areas while focusing on pleasure-driven movements designed to relax her mind as well as her body. Using the back massage tips in this section prepare her for a firmer touch and lets her know she's safe in your hands.
  3. Gliding Strokes: Once your lady has warmed to your attention and feels secure, add long, flowing caresses to your repertoire. Keep the pressure even and slight while allowing your hands to travel the length of her body, an activity both of you will enjoy. A light touch delivers the best results in these early stages and keeps her in the grip of sweet anticipation for what is yet to come.
  4. Add Pressure: No back massage is complete without working out stress and tension. At this point, it's time to introduce more pressure and kneading motions to your massage. For best results, listen to your partner's feedback, even if she only sighs, and adjust the strength of your movements accordingly. Focus on problem areas like shoulders, upper back and lower back, always remembering to keep the pressure suited to your lady's desires. To knead flesh properly, use both hands and gently work the muscles as though you are pulling flesh away from bone.
  5. Encore: If you've been paying attention to your lady's body language, she has melted into a puddle of appreciation, ripe and ready for the next course on your seduction menu. As you both transition from deep back massage to playful caresses, it's usually a good idea to revisit those long, gliding strokes she enjoyed earlier in the evening. What happens next, only you and your lady friend can tell.
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