5 Bag Punching Exercises

New punching bag enthusiasts could probably use 5 punching exercises to get them started on their journey of fighting and fun. These exercises are guaranteed to get your punching bag career started at the best possible point. It is recommended that you do each of these exercises at least three times a week for the best results.

  1. The first exercise is a strength training exercise that will give you a lot more power behind your swings. To do this exercise you need to hit the bag with regular jabs while focusing on the power you put behind the punch. While doing the jabs on the punching bag make sure you still pace yourself while you put the power behind it because you don’t want to get winded on this one exercise. Another thing to do is after each jab, grab the bag and hold it still then repeat the step, this will prevent momentum being behind the punching bag and causing you to possibly get hurt.
  2. Now you want to work on your punches speed. You can do this by doing short quick jabs on the punching bag. While you do this exercise, try to establish a rhythm at which you do it so you can also work on establishing consistency in your punches and not just an erratic speed.
  3. The next exercise will improve your footwork. Do this exercise by taking between one and three steps between each jab. Try not to stick to one step/one set because while you’re fighting your opponent will establish your pattern and use it against you. Also make sure while you’re doing this that you change up direction.
  4. Now you will want to work combos. With this exercise you want to focus on changing up your types of hits. This will help you to be a more skillful opponent because you won’t stick to one type of punch. Be sure to use jabs, uppercuts, hooks etc. and even throw in a few kicks when you get better at it.
  5. An aerobic workout is the next workout you want to greatly focus on. All of the things you improve on will be useless if you can’t stay at the punching bag for more than a minute. So to do this exercise, focusing on staying consistent for a minimum of two and a half minutes. As you get better you will be able to increase your time and be a punching bag genius!



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