5 Bands That Broke Up In 2009

5 bands that broke up in 2009 were very prominent in the music industry. Every year one of your favorite bands will reform or some will eventually break up and call it quits because they keep selling 10,000 copies or the lead singer is a douche bag. What bands broke up in 2009?

  1. The Verve: This band was known for their 1998 hit “Bitter Sweet Symphony.” The Rolling Stones sued the group for sampling their 1965 song “the Last Time.” The funny part about this lawsuit is that the Rolling Stones also sampled the exact same song they were accusing the Verse of “stealing.” The Verve has split up more than once— in 2009, it was the third and final split. We guess the third time is the charm?
  2. Danity Kane: Did anyone believe Danity Kane was going to be around for more than five years? Danity Kane was the brainchild of the infamous rapper/producer Sean “Diddy” Combs. Diddy has changed his name more times than Prince. Danity Kane’s members were chosen on Diddy’s “reality” show “Making the Band” in 2006. Danity Kane should have been named “Insanity Kane.” All of these women are insane, especially the ring leader Aubrey O’Day. Your whole life is taped “Big Brother” style and we saw this chaos. Danity Kane is no more and know one cares.
  3. “Queen”: Quotations marks are added because you cannot replace the legendary Freddie Mercury. The former “lead” singer Paul Rodgers had the group named Queen + Paul Rodgers. What the hell is that? We guess Queen + Paul Rodgers = no more band. That seems to be the right answer to this equation. We all know the original Queen—this was just a sick joke and now the laughter has stopped.
  4. Live: Live’s breakthrough album “Throwing Copper” was released in 1994 that has spawned the classic singles “Selling the Drama,” “Lightning Crashes,” “All Over You,” and “I Alone.” Ed Kowalczyk (tongue twister for the win!) was the lead singer of the band. Kowalczyk wanted a “lead singer bonus” of $100,000 and the other bands members were not having that. “Songs from Black Mountain” was the last album released with Kowalcyzk as the front man and it did not sell at all. Kowalczyk is now robbing local banks for his singing bonus (not true).
  5. Peter, Paul and Mary: One of the biggest bands of the 1960s, Peter Paul and Mary’s break-up was very tragic. Mary Travers died of  leukemia on September 16, 2009 and the rest of the members broke the band up indefinitely. Mary Travers was 72-years old.
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