5 Bands Like Disturbed

Are you looking for 5 bands like Disturbed? Well, you’re in luck, because Disturbed is part of an extremely popular genre. Actually, it might harder to find five bands that aren’t like Disturbed these days. Here are some of the best bands like Disturbed:

  1. Breaking Benjamin. These guys are easily the most famous people to come from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. If you like Disturbed’s heavy guitar sounds, you’ll probably like Breaking Benjamin. The lead singer Ben doesn’t have as raspy of a voice, but they rock pretty hard.
  2. Taproot. This is a great band, and they don’t have that typical guitar distortion you hear every other band using. They’ve managed to find their own tone. Plus, Taproot’s singer is pretty talented. He mixes up singing and screaming like nobody else.
  3. Three Days Grace. This band is a lot like Disturbed. They share similar guitar tones and lyrical styles. Three Days Grace is exceptionally talented, and they haven’t released a song that wasn’t a huge hit in years. At this point, they probably have writing hit songs down to a science.
  4. Tool. If you like Disturbed, you’re pretty much obligated to like Tool. Tool is one of the best bands in recent years. They’re talented on almost every level: They have an amazing singer, bass player, guitar player, and you’d swear the drummer has four arms when you hear him play. They're also responsible for making the most absurd music videos ever released.
  5. Skillet. This band is still fairly new, but they’ve gotten a lot of attention with their hit “Monster.” It could be a bad thing, but they sound a lot like Three Days Grace. Although, how bad it can be to sound like one of the most popular rock bands around? They’re pretty awesome right now, and they’re still finding their style. Who knows what they have in store?

Those are five bands like Disturbed, and if you want more bands like Disturbed, just turn on your local rock station. Many bands these days have very similar styles because people can’t get enough of it.

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