5 Bands Like Evanescence

These 5 bands like Evanescence must have certain features to even be in the same league as Evanescence. These bands must produce a mystical gothic sound with a touch of classical piano, but should also, faster than the blink of an eye, turns into an angry guitar. The vocals must be passionate lyrics about struggling with desire, hope, love and loss.

  1. Lacuna Coil is a band Like Evanescence in that there music is a combination of gothic imagery and of course the lead singer is a female. Many of the songs consist of guitars and contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies to create a more melodic detached sound.
  2. Nightwish is another band Like Evanescence that have a gothic imagery to their music. Nightwish are known to perform symphonic metal mixed with a power metal combination using keyboards and strings to create the gothic atmosphere. The lead vocalist is a female who adds passion to the metal sounds.
  3. Within Temptation is a band Like Evanescence whose music has been described as symphonic metal and gothic metal meet. The lead vocalist is a female and her husband is the guitarist who together created the award winning band in the Netherlands in 1996. The band consider their music to be in the symphonic rock genre influenced by various other musicians such as Evanescence.
  4. Xandria is a band Like Evanescence with music that combines elements of symphonic metal with light electronic elements and rock. They are a German symphonic metal band that got together in 1997 and the lead vocalist is a female.
  5. After Forever is another band Like Evanescence whose musical style is described as symphonic metal and gothic. The lead female singer is an operatically trained soprano singer whose passionate sounding voice adds to the contrast of the metal and gothic.
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