5 Bands Like The Fray

These are five bands like The Fray. The Fray is an alternative rock group that formed in 2002. They are most famous for their song “How to Save a Life.” The song reached number three in the Billboard Top One Hundred songs in 2005. The Fray is a cool band that is here to stay.

  1. Coldplay – Coldplay is a band that is like The Fray. Both bands use the piano as the lead instrument in their music. Coldplay is from London, England and were formed in 1997. They play the same kind of music as The Fray and are an awesome alternative rock band.
  2. U2 – U2 is the most famous band on the face of the earth. U2 is a band that is like the Fray. You could actually turn it around and say The Fray gets much of their influence from U2. U2 is a band known around the world for their music. They are similar to The Fray.
  3. Keane – Keane is a much lesser known band. They are much like the Fray. They also use the piano as the lead instrument instead of a guitar. Keane has been around since 1997. We bet you could not name one of their songs off the top of your head, but you have heard their music. This alternative rock band from England is very similar to The Fray. Much of their music has been used on television series.
  4. The Last Goodnight – The Last Goodnight is another awesome alternative rock group. The Last Goodnight hit the scene in 2007 with their album “Poison Kiss.” The Last Goodnight has a sound like The Fray. They play the same kind of modern day alternative rock music. They have the same kind of following as The Fray. If you love The Fray and have yet to hear about The Last Goodnight, check them out.
  5. Dashboard Confessional – Dashboard Confessional is another alternative rock band that is like The Fray. The band uses a mix of piano and guitars for their music. They have great music and vocals just like The Fray. The lead singer of Dashboard Confessional actually started the band by himself. He added three more members after he finished his first two albums. Dashboard Confessional have won a lot of awards for their music. They have the same kind of music and following as The Fray. They are another awesome alternative rock group that uses a lot of piano and excellent vocals.
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