5 Bands Like The Killers

5 bands like The Killers is a mixture of US and UK bands that have risen to popularity. A couple of bands like The Killers are musical projects from members, and their sound has carried over into their side bands. Each band has risen to notoriety for their romantic, yet some what gritty sound and stellar lyrics that accompany it. The 5 bands like The Killers all tour on a headlining level, and some have even toured together.

  1. Brandon Flowers. Lead singer of The Killers Brandon Flowers released a solo album in 2010 titled, "Flamingo" and it sounds like The Killers material. The first single was "Crossfire" which was released June 21, 2010 which landed at #11 on US Billboard Rock chart. The album also contains a duet with Jenny Lewis titled "Hard Enough." If you are in need of new material from The Killers, listen to Brandon Flowers side band material, because it is just like music The Killers would produce.
  2. The Strokes. The Strokes are a New York based rock band that formed in 1998. They rose to fame in the early 2000's as a leading group in garage rock/post-punk revival. Lead singer Julian Casablancas is much like the lead singer of The Killers Brandon Flowers in that, they both keep their private life extremely private. The Strokes debuted their first album "Is This It" in 2001, and quickly rose to fame from their single "Last Nite." Even though The Strokes are from the US, the UK picked up on them much quicker, which is also what happened with The Killers. After a long hiatus from Julian working on a solo career, The Strokes reunited and played their first show together in three years at Lollapalooza 2010.
  3. Arctic Monkeys. Forming in 2002, Arctic Monkeys are an alternative rock band formed in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom. Their debut album "Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not" was released in 2006 and held the title of largest first week sales of a debut album in the UK until 2007. The Arctic Monkeys are so much like The Killers because the bands songs have been used in a popular mash-up. "Scumbody Told Me" is a mixture of The Killers "Somebody Told Me" and Arctic Monkeys "When the Sun Goes Down (scummy)." The two songs sound so similar that the mash-up is a flawless thread of both songs entwined.
  4. Keane. English piano rock band Keane were formed in Battle, East Sussex in 1995. The Killers and Keane are signed to Island Records, and in 2008 Keane released their third album "Perfect Symmetry". The third album's first single "Spiralling" took on a new sound for Keane, and it can be most described as being like The Killers. Lead singer Tom Chaplin used the same vocal styling as Brandon Flowers uses. The bands have such a similar sound that The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci and Keane's and Keane's keyboard player/songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley formed a supergroup called Mt. Desolation.
  5. Muse. Another well known band like The Killers is Muse who formed in 1994. The UK band has a sound the blends alternative rock, classical music, electronica, metal, Spanish guitars, and progressive rock. Muse uses a piano style in many songs, that is inspired by the works of Romantic pianist-composers such as Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Liszt. The Killers have many keyboard driven songs that bring out a romantic sound, especially on their "Hot Fuse" album. Muse's 2009 album "The Resistance" landed at #3 on US Billboard 200, and they even had a song on the 2010 soundtrack "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."
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