5 Bands Like My Chemical Romance

These 5 bands like My Chemical Romance have singers with jet black hair, and play up-beat American post-hardcore rock music mixed with darker lyrics. Forming in 2001 out of New Jersey, My Chemical Romance rose to fame with their 2004 major label debut “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”. Some of the bands like My Chemical Romance have played on stage with them, or gone on tour together. All the bands have gone through line-up changes over the years, but has kept the same sound like My Chemical Romance.

  1. The Used. An American band out of Orem, Utah, The Used signed with Reprise Records in 2001 and quickly rose to fame with their 2002 debut self-titled album, "The Used". The Used is a band like My Chemical Romance because it is hard to fit their sound into just one genre, so they are classified under numerous sub-genres of rock like My Chemical Romance. The Used is a band most like My Chemical Romance because they even collaborated live together performing David Bowie and Freddie Mercury's song "Under Pressure" during a $2 Bill concert series.
  2. Escape The Fate. Escape The Fate is an American post-hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada that formed in 2004. Escape The Fate's sounds and looks like My Chemical Romance, especially since both bands have a thin, pale lead singer with messy shoulder length jet black hair. My Chemical Romance judged a radio contest in 2005 and they picked Escape The Fate to win, which led to the band being signed to Epitaph. The bands debut full-length album "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" was released in 2006, which contains their popular single "Situations".  Escape The Fate's second album "This War Is Ours" was released in 2008 and reached #35 on Billboard chart. Epitaph dropped the band, and they got picked up by DGC Records/Interscope Records shortly after, and released their 2010 self-titled album "Escape The Fate".
  3. Pierce The Veil. Formerly known as Before Today, Pierce The Veil is a post-hardcore band from San Diego. Forming in 1998, they changed their name to Pierce The Veil in 2006, which was a song title from a previous album. The band is like My Chemical Romance because both band vocals have a higher pitched tone with a hint of shaky sound to it. Both bands have high guitar driven songs with up-tone beats, but often darker lyrics. Releasing their first album as Pierce The Veil in 2007 called "A Flait for the Dramatic" which had two singles, "Yeah Boy, and Doll Face", and "Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides". The band's third studio album "Selfish Machines" was released June 2010 on Equal Vision Records and hit #1 on Billboard Hotseekers chart.
  4. Taking Back Sunday. Forming out of New York in 1999, Taking Back Sunday is another band like My Chemical Romance. Both bands have lead singers with jet black hair and have gone through multiple line-up changes. My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday played together during the 2007 Projekt Revolution tour which headlined Linkin Park. They have a cult following which started with the release of their 2002 debut album "Tell All Your Friends". Their 2000 album "New Again" debuted at #7 on Billboard 200, and in 2010 Taking Back Sunday announced two original band members are returning to the band.
  5. Panic! At The Disco. Originally forming in 2002 under the name Pet Salamander before becoming Panic! At The Disco in 2004, the band is like My Chemical Romance because of the sound from their debut album, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". The album sold over 2.2 million copies worldwide, and has a circus theme through some of the songs which comes out in their live performance and music videos. Panic! At The Disco is also like My Chemical Romance in the aspect that both bands tell a story with their albums which have up-beat back tracking set to vocals that fluctuate high and low. In 2009, two original members left to form The Young Veins, and the remaining members went on without them.
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