5 Bands Like Slipknot

The 5 bands like Slipknot are all American metal based bands that have reached success both critically and commercially. Two of the bands like Slipknot are side bands from Slipknot members, which makes it easy for sounds to cross over. These bands have also toured together, and the Slipknot drummer filled in for a couple of these bands like Slipknot on tour. If you're a fan of Slipknot and looking for new music, then check out these five bands.

  1. Stone Sour. Formed out of Des Moines, Iowa is the band like Slipknot called Stone Sour. They are a three time Grammy Award-nominated American Alternative Metal/Hard Rock band that was formed by Corey Taylor, vocalist of Slipknot, and former drummer Joel Ekman. Stone Sour released their self-titled debut album on July 31, 2002. Stone Sour goes on tour during periods that Slipknot is on hiatus. If you want to listen or see a band in concert like Slipknot, check out Stone Sour since both bands have the same lead singer.
  2. Korn. Korn is an American nu metal band from Bakersfield, California, and is often credited with popularizing the nu metal genre. The band has nine consecutive debuts in the top ten of the Billboard 200, including a compilation album," Greatest Hits Vol.1." Korn is one of the best bands like Slipknot because of their success and popularity from selling over 30 million albums worldwide. Like Slipknot, Korn has also earned Grammy nominations, two of which they won.  
  3. Mudvayne. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois is Mudvayne, an alternative metal band like Slipknot. Like Slipknot, Mudvayne became well known for hiding their faces, but instead of masks, they used make up. The band is best recognizable by their strong drumming and complex bass playing. Mudvayne sold over six million copies worldwide. Their first album, "L.D. 50," was released in 2000, and sold over 500,000 copies in its first four months after release. In August of 2000,Mudvayne opened up for Slipknot on a national tour. Their most popular single to date is "Happy?" which is off their 2005 album "Lost and Found."
  4. Murderdolls. Murderdolls are a horror punk/glam metal band that has the drummer of Slipknot, Joey Jordison, playing guitar. The band is often described as “Mötley Crüe meets The Misfits” by critics and fans alike. Having a member of Slipknot in the group also has some the same sound carry over to Murderdolls. The band, like Slipknot, was active from 2002-2004, but in 2010, reunited and released their second album, "Women and Children Last," and toured with Ozzfest and Guns N' Roses.
  5. System of a Down. Forming out of Los Angeles, California in 1994, System of a Down is an alternative metal band like Slipknot. The band broke out with their hit "Chop Suey!" and went on to win one Grammy Award amongst three nominations. In 2001, the band went on tour with Slipknot throughout the United States and Mexico. System of a Down released five studio albums from 1998 to 2005, and all five albums charted on Billboard 200. Currently, the band is on hiatus so lead vocalist Serj Tankian can work on a solo career.
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