5 Bar Drinking Games For 2 Players

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No one likes drinking alone, but only drinking with one other person can be a bit dull as well. It can't hurt to have a couple drinking games up your sleeve, just in case you run out of geopolitical topics to discuss. Plus, knowing how to play these games correctly can help you mediate your inebriation (or increase your partner's).

There are 5 bar drinking games for two players that are great fun. If you and a buddy are out drinking, and you want a little extra excitement, these two player drinking games can be just the answer. Just make sure you have a ride home because by the end of these games, you might be wasted.

  1. Sixes. This game requires six cups, one die and a whole lot of beer. Each of the two players take turn rolling the die. If the cup that corresponds with the number you roll is empty, fill it with as much as little beer as you feel like and hand the die to your friend.  If there’s beer in the cup, you must drink it all.
  2. Red and Black. In this game, each of the two players take turns guessing whether a drawn card from a deck will be red or black. If you’re wrong, you must take a gulp of beer. You have to keep guessing until you’re wrong or right three times. Once you’re right three times, you can make a rule, such as “neither of you can itch your faces.” Whoever breaks the rule must take a gulp.
  3. High/Low. Take a deck of cards and face the first one on the deck up. One of the two players guesses if the next card will be a higher or lower value. The player keeps going until they get one right and doesn’t drink for wrong answers. Instead, they take the number of drinks of the cards on the table, or wrong guesses. The next player must take that number of drinks plus their wrong guesses and so on.
  4. Four Horsemen. Place the kings from a deck of cards face up on the table. Deal out seven cards to each of the two players. Take turns building on the kings in descending order, such as king, queen, jack, ten, nine, etc. If it’s your turn and you can’t place a card down, draw from the deck and continue to draw until you get a card. However, you must take as many drinks as the number of cards you drew. If you can put down a card without drawing from the deck, your opponent must take the same number of drinks as the amount of cards in the stack you added to.
  5. Dice. Each of the two players take turn rolling two dice. When a six or numbers adding up to a six are rolled, the roller takes a drink. When doubles are rolled, the roller drinks the face value of one of the die. Each player continues to roll until no drinks are taken and then passes the dice to player number two.
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