5 Bar Drinking Games

Here are 5 bar drinking games that are fun and easy to play.  The bar is a situation where a lot of times you cannot play drinking games.  It is just not conducive to it, it is more about socialized drinking while watching sports or dancing.  These 5 bar drinking games are speed drinking games or use your mind.  They are games that can be played in a small space and do not need large numbers of people.

1. Relay Race

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  • Lots of people equal number is preferred.


  1. Divide group into two teams.
  2. Drink your beer.
  3. Pass your empty to the person next to you on your team.
  4. Drink.  The next person starts to drink.
  5. Finish when your team has finished.

2. Right Hand Left Hand

Things Needed:

  • 2 beers per person
  • A call master


  1. Call master says either right hand or left hand.
  2. Call master says next hand keeps switching until one person finishes drinking.
  3. Buy.  Loser buys next round.

3. Funny Gestures Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • People
  • Beer


  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Talk and make funny gesture.
  3. Next person goes.
  4. Laugh.  When someone laughs they take a drink.  The point is to embarrass someone and they start drinking.

4. Hands Up, Hands Down

Things Needed:

  • People
  • Quarter
  • Drinks


  1. Split into two teams.
  2. Sit at opposite ends of a table (it cannot be glass or something you can see through or potentially break).
  3. First team passes quarter around under table.
  4. Opposing team calls hands up.  Players raise their hands in fists.
  5. Opposing team calls hands down.  Players slam their hands on the table.
  6. Guess.  Team then guesses who has the coin.  If wrong they drink if right team with coin drinks.

5. Beer pong (Beirut)

Things Needed:

  • 22 Solo cups
  • 2 ping-pong balls and beer.

Directions (Easiest rules to use):

  1. Arrange 10 cups in a triangle on two separate sides of the table.
  2. Divide into two teams of two.
  3. Shoot looking eye to eye (looking at each other while you shoot) for who goes first.  First person to makes it their team goes first.
  4. First player goes then next player goes.  If a player makes a cup that cup gets removed.  If both players make it balls stay with them and they shoot again.
  5. Next team goes.  First team to make all the cups wins.



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