5 Basketball Dribbling Tricks

You guys want to learn five basketball dribbling tricks? Basketball dribbling tricks have been around as long as the game has existed, but they didn't hit the mainstream until guys like Allen Iverson stepped into the spotlight. Other sources, such as the AND1 televised basketball tournaments, also play a huge role in introducing basketball dribbling trickery to the world. Learning to do basketball dribbling tricks just takes a little creativity and a lot of practice. Though some of these moves would probably be considered illegal in an organized game, these five basketball tricks just look plain awesome when you do them correctly. So here they are, five awesome basketball dribbling tricks.

  1. The behind the back quick crossover. This basketball dribbling trick is freaking cool if you pull it off right. More importantly, it's totally legal to pull off in organized play. It's a variation on one of Allen Iverson's hesitation crossover. You start out with the ball in either hand. Instead of crossing over with a slight hesitation with the ball in front of you, bounce the ball behind your back to your opposite hand. You purposely want to do the first crossover slowly to bait your defender to reach. When they reach, quickly cross the ball back to the other hand behind your back and take off.
  2. The taps. This basketball dribbling trick looks cool, but it isn't hard to do at all. All it consists of is you dribbling the ball extremely close to the ground at a very rapid rate. The trick is to add the taps to normal dribbling moves to confuse opponents. You use the very tip of your fingers to bounce the ball faster. Try adding the tap move to a normal crossover. Cross the ball over, but before you switch hands, tap the ball a few times then switch over. It's guaranteed to confuse an opponent.
  3. The knee bounce. It's like having a third and fourth hand while dribbling the ball. Simply use your knees to bounce the ball. You have to stay low to the ground to pull this move off. To confuse your defenders, mix it up a little. Vary between using your knees and your hands. The faster you get with this move the better it'll look and the more effective it'll be in a game.
  4. The reverse figure four. You know the standard between the legs crossover your coach teaches in gym class? Well, this is the exact move, only done in reverse. It takes a lot of practice to learn this particular maneuver. All you're doing is bringing the ball through your legs from behind, and crossing back over and through your legs from behind. When you combine this particular move with its predecessor, you can really confuse a dimwitted defender.
  5. Get down hit the floor. There is no real name for this move but it has got to be the coolest move out there for dribbling the ball. In order to pull this move off, you're really going to have to sell your crossover. Start out by baiting your defender with a few crossover moves from left to right and right to left. When your defender reaches for the ball, quickly accelerate the crossover to the opposite hand. As soon as the ball makes contact with the other hand, take your opposite hand and touch the ground. Immediately twist your body back in the opposite direction bringing your dribbling hand and the ball up and over while rolling on your back. Quickly switch hands, and resume dribbling with the opposite hand. Blow by your defender. Are you confused? Your defenders will be, too. This one will keep you in the gym practicing for days. It's worth it.
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