5 Basketball Street Tricks

To play a pick-up game of basketball you need an arsenal of moves, so here are 5 basketball street tricks to improve your play. Remember that street basketball is not under the same restrictions as league play. Be inventive, creative, quick and learn a few street tricks to jet past your opponent while dribbling the ball.

  1. Fruit loop. Dribble the ball then hook the ball in your hand, tuck ball inside the front of your shirt (wear a loose shirt). Quickly thump the side of the basketball while inside your shirt. This whips the ball around your body and it will fall out on the other side. Continue your dribble up to the basket. This is the most common basketball street trick you will see.
  2. Through the legs. This works only if your opponent has his legs spread out. Quick dribble then bam, pass the ball right in between his legs. Dash past your opponent straight to the basket. Yes, they do this in professional play, but it's also a given in basketball street tricks.
  3. Slip and Slide. You’re in control of the ball, now hit the deck. The ball bounces over your body as you roll on the floor. Roll over once. Pick yourself up and retake possession of the ball. Inventive, creative and no way can your opponent take the ball while you're rolling on the floor. 
  4. Tornado. You opponent hunches low to defend the basket. After the ball bounces up into your hand, hook it. Jump and twirl your body with arm outstretched over the head of the defender. Seriously, he won’t have a clue to what to do with that. Smooth street trick in a pick-up basketball game.
  5. Heads up. You need to take a moment to let your team set up. Pass the ball right onto the forehead of your opponent. The ball will bounce back to you. Don’t look at us if he gets hot under the collar.

These are just a few basketball street tricks you can do during a game. Street basketball is a sport unique unto its own with a unique set of rules and the liberty to cut loose. Learn these simple street tricks and go for it!

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