5 Beard Shaving Tips

Here are 5 beard shaving tips. Beard shaving is something most men will have do almost every day from puberty and throughout life. Some men prefer to grow their beards instead of shaving. Even if you grow your beard, there are some areas of your face you may want to shave to maintain a well groomed appearance. Proper beard shaving is essential. Proper beard shaving will also maintain healthy youthful looking skin.

  1. Patience. You should allow at least ten minutes for your daily shave, not including preparation. If you are running late for work, it would be better to put your shave off until the next day. If waiting until the next day to shave is not an option, take your razor to work with you and shave during your lunch break.
  2. Prepare you face. You should pamper your face before dragging the sharp edge of a razor across it, because that's what shaving is. Use a toothbrush to lift the beard and stimulate the skin before your shave. Put a warm towel on your face for a minute to soften the skin and beard. Do use a shaving gel or cream, not soap. Avoid electric razors as much as possible.
  3. Pay attention. Some men may think they can shave in their sleep and might make the mistake of trying to do so. Do not press the razor against your face when shaving, this will irritate your skin. Glide your razor very lightly over your beard only. Getting a good shave is more important than getting a close shave.
  4. Help your skin recover. Shaving is a harsh regime. When you are done shaving, moisturize your skin before you put on after shave. Put your after shave on just before you leave home. Most after shaves have alcohol in them and will dry your skin out, which will make your shaving routine a nightmare. 
  5. Give your face a rest. Skip shaving on your days off. Moisturize your face and beard during this time in preparation for the next week of shaving. Massage your face on theses days to maintain healthy circulation.

Remember, this list is especially important for men who have thick or curly body hair, and or sensitive skin.

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