5 Beautiful Asian Brides

These 5 beautiful Asian brides are all gorgeous beauties. They each have a unique story to match their unique beauty. On their wedding day they truly shined with unparalleled beauty.

  1. Lee Yoo Ri: Married on September 6, 2010, Actress Lee Yoo Ri was a gorgeous bride on her wedding day. She has played in many TV shows and movies, including "Daring Women" and "I Love You Don't Cry." Her dress was akin to a Disney Cinderella dress with gorgeous white gloves to match. With the beautiful well-fitting gown and her radiant smile, it is unquestionable that Lee Yoo Ri is one of the most beautiful Asian brides.
  2. Rambha: Indian actress Rambha (most notable for her star role in the 1992 "Sargam" film) married on April 8, 2010 to a businessman groom. Her wedding gown was colorful and as bright as her happiness. She shone with a beautiful array of fabrics and a natural god-like beauty. She made a beautiful bride that day and April, and will be remembered as one of the most beautiful Asian brides in history.
  3. Wei Wei: A famous Asian singer from Guangxi; some of her songs include "Love song to the moon," "Looking at You," and "Asian Wind." She made a beautiful bride to an American husband. Although later divorced, her beauty cannot be forgotten. She is a beautiful woman, and made a gorgeous bride.
  4. Faye Wong: A mutlitalented singer, songwriter, and model (known for her role in "Chungking Express") Faye Wong made a gorgeous bride to husband Dou Wei on her wedding day. She stood out as a true beauty with flawless black hair and amazing clothing. Her beautiful eyes and sense of style make her one of the most beautiful Asian brides.
  5. Simran: South Indian actress Simran, who made her debut in film "Sanam Harjai" on December 2, 2003 to her close friend. If you've seen her work, you know her beauty is undeniable. She has piercing eyes and perfect skin. Her bone structure and overall beauty made her a gorgeous bride.
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