5 Beautiful Thai Actresses

Finding 5 Beautiful Thai Actresses is easy because Thailand has a lot of beautiful women. Most of these beauties started out as models and appeared on TV commercials before launching themselves as actresses. Beautiful and talented, these 5 beautiful Thai actresses will surely grab your attention once you get to know them.

  1. Sririta Jensen – She started out playing as an extra on some minor roles on Thai soap operas. She became more popular as a model when she started out posing for magazine covers and appearing on TV commercials. One of her films is “999-9999,” which is a horror movie in Thailand.
  2. Aom Phiyada – She is one of the most popular TV actresses in Thailand. She appears in several TV soap operas and hosts a talk show. She is one of the prettiest TV personalities and Thailand, and has often been complimented for her white glowing skin.
  3. Mai Charoeunpura – Mai’s family is very popular in Thailand’s entertainment circle. She is one of the most beautiful actresses that is capable of portraying a lot of characters. Her films include “Memory Love Hunt,” a thriller film in which she played as the mother of a child that sees ghosts.
  4. Paula Taylor – Paula is internationally known for hosting the popular TV series “Amazing Race Asia”. She has been in the entertainment business ever since she was a child, appearing on TV commercials since she was thirteen years old. She also plays on several Thai soap operas, and appeared on films like the comedy film “Banchan Talok Waigon.”
  5. Panwad Hemmanee (Peiy) – She got people’s attention when she started modeling for several Thai magazines and TV commercials in 2001. She usually appears on TV soap operas, and appeared on several major films including the 2008 movie “Bangkok Dangerous.”
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