5 Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Although there are many women of Ukrainian descent in show business, there are 5 beautiful Ukrainian women that stand out among the crowd. The following five gorgeous, Eastern European ladies can kick ass, win medals and sing pop songs; all while looking super hot.

  1. Milla Jovovich. Born in Kiev, this exotic beauty got her major start in Luc Besson’s 1997 film “The Fifth Element,” where she showed off her martial arts skills as well as a tight, perfect body that looked rockin’  in those “thermal bandages.” Her green eyes, flecked with gold and brown, are almost alien-like, and her husky voice practically beckons you into her lair in every scene she’s ever done. Jovovich—pronounced “Yo-vo-vitch”—is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. She released her first album, “The Divine Comedy,” when she was only sixteen.
  2. Olga Kurylenko. This brunette bombshell was born and raised in Berdyansk, Ukraine and was discovered by a talent agent on a trip to Moscow when she was fifteen. Her career started as a supermodel, but she quickly moved onto acting. Although probably best known for her role in the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace,” Kurylenko’s jumpstart into acting began with the 2005 French film “L’Annulaire,” for which she received a Certificate of Excellence for Best Actress from the Brooklyn International Film Festival.
  3. Elina Ivanova. Best known for her contribution to the reality series “America’s Next Top Model,” Ivanova  was eliminated from the modeling competition due to her “control issues.” Regardless, Ivanova delivered consistently stunning pictures that showed off her sexy hazel eyes and willowy figure. Ivanova has several Russian tattooes, including one on her forearm and one just below her naval. 
  4. Aliona Savchenko. Born in Kiev, this blonde beauty won the Olympic bronze medal and the world silver medal for figure skating in 2010. Her decorated career as a figure skater has also earned her three gold world championship and four European championship medals. Standing just over five feet tall, Savchenko is tiny, but packs a punch during her innovative, graceful duo skating performances.
  5. Ani Lorak. Best-selling Ukrainian pop singer Ani Lorak was born in Kitsman, Ukraine. She changed her real name, Karolina, to Ani Lorak in 1995. At just 19, Lorak received the Honoured Artist of the Ukraine title, making her the youngest performer on that list. Besides singing pop songs—which has earned her four gold records—Lorak also acts in musicals and participates in several charities, including UNICEF and HIV fundraisers.
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