5 Beginner Wakeboard Tricks

These 5 beginner wakeboard tricks will get you started with the sport. As you master the beginner wakeboard tricks in this article, you can move on to more difficult and advanced tricks. Whether you are out to have fun or learn as many tricks as you can, wakeboarding is a great way to spend a day on the water.

  1. Progressive Toeside Edge. The process of learning how to edge is one of the most important wakeboarding tricks you can learn. It is the key to getting height for any trick. A progressive edge is the process of building your edge slowly as you approach the wake so your maximum edge is reached when you reach the top of the wake.
  2. Heelside Mute 180. The heelside mute 180 is one of the first rotational wakeboard tricks to try. It is a basic 180 rotation in the air as you are crossing from one wake to the other.
  3. Surface 180. This is one of the beginner wakeboard tricks that is a spin on the surface of the water. The rider spins in a 180 degree rotation so they are facing backwards. The best way to do a surface 180 is to switch your weight from one foot to another as you bring the handle from one hip to the other.
  4. Butterslide 180. The butterslide 180 is a fun way to switch your direction. This is one of the wakeboarding tricks that is done while riding on top of the wake and is good practice for learning control.
  5. Method Grab. The method grab is a basic wakeboarding trick. It is done by going as far out from the wake as you can to get enough speed to cross both wakes. Progressively edge the wake until you pop off the wake into the air. Let go of the handle to grab the heel of the board as you are crossing the wake.
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