5 Beginner Water Ski Tricks

Once you have mastered the basics of standing up, you can start on these 5 beginner water ski tricks. Learning to water ski is fun, and  sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. As long as someone has a boat, life vest, skis, and a tow rope, you can get ready to spend a day on the water. Once you get up and going, you can try some beginner tricks.

  1. Go outside the wake. This is probably the first beginner water ski tricks you will want to try once you get your bearings. You just need to press down on the ski in the direction you want to go and turn your body just a little to head outside the wake. Make sure you keep moving until both legs are out so you don't get caught in the middle.
  2. Cross both wakes. This is another one of the basic water ski tricks you can do once you are more comfortable standing on the skis. Go outside one wake as far as you can,, and then turn and head back in. Keep going across both wakes until you are outside on the other side of the wake.
  3. Jumps. This is another one of the tricks you can try once you have masters going back and forth outside of the wake. You'll need some speed, so go outside of the wake and if the boat is turning you can get even more speed by pushing yourself out further. Turn and head back in. When you hit the wake bend your knees and get some air as you cross over.
  4. Drop a ski. This is the start to slalom skiing. Make sure one ski is loose, and once you have gotten up wiggle your foot out of it. Get your balance and then stick your foot in the back boot of the ski you are still standing on. You can now start working on some beginner water ski tricks while you slalom ski.
  5. Take off on one ski. Once you have mastered standing on one ski, you can start working on getting up on one ski. This is a little more difficult than dropping a water ski because you have to start off with good balance. If you can, sit on the end of a dock and let the rope have a little slack. This lets the boat get some speed so you're not dragged along as you get your balance.
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