5 Benefits Of Circumcision

If you are unsure about circumcision, here are 5 benefits of circumcision to help you make an inform decision. Parents of a male infant often asked if there are any benefits of circumcision. It is difficult for them to make the decision to circumcise their newborn infant.

Circumcision is a procedure that has been around for a long time. The Jewish community practices this procedure extensively. Today the procedure is common in other cultures as well, but some parents have mixed feelings and often weighs the pros and cons of performing the procedure.    

When a male infant has a circumcision, the chance that he will have urinary tract infection (UTI) decreases tremendously. During the first three to six months of life, an uncircumcised male infant is ten times as likely to have a urinary tract infection than a circumcised male infant.

Studies show that uncircumcised infants have an increased rate of penile cancer in comparison to circumcised men. However, penile cancer rarely happens in either the circumcised male or the uncircumcised male.

Circumcise penis are usually easier to clean than an uncircumcised penis for a young child. Boys with an uncircumcised penis have to put more effort into getting their penis clean because they have to pull back the foreskin to clean their penis properly. This is really not a big deal because with practice the child will soon learn to clean his penis correctly. Additionally, when the foreskin reaches the retractable state, around four to five years old, it is easier to clean the penile area.

Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV are often less frequent in a circumcised male.

Circumcised male benefit from having a circumcision performed because it provides an extra defense level against infection, irritation and inflammation of the penis. Although the circumcised male has an extra level of protection from these types of problems, there is no major concern for the uncircumcised male because these illnesses are easily treated with antibiotics.

Some males believe that, because of their circumcision, they experience increase sensitivity of the penis tip at an older age. Although, some circumcised males claim it decreases their sexual pleasure as they age. However, there are no scientific facts to substantiate these claims.

Studies regarding circumcision are inconclusive because some studies shows there are benefits while others show there are no benefits.


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