5 Benefits Of Dancing

If you are getting bored of working out on a treadmill or at the gym, learn about the 5 benefits of dancing to change up your exercise routine. Dancing is a great way for guys to keep fit. Don't knock it until you try it.

  1. Burns Calories One of the benefits of dancing includes burning calories. Depending on your dance moves, just a half an hour of dancing can burn 200 or more calories. Of course, slow dancing won't burn that many calories, so if you are looking to burn off a few beers, you have to pick up the pace when it comes to dancing.
  2. Improves Endurance When you go out on the dance floor, you are usually out there for a few songs. If you try to exit the dance floor after just one song, you will no doubt be called back in. When you are dancing for am extended period of time, your heart rate rises. By continuing to dance, your stamina and endurance will increase, having a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.
  3. Social Interaction Learning different types of dances such as ballroom, square dancing or shag dancing usually requires you to interact with a partner. Attendance at dance classes also requires interaction with others. Simply going out on the dance floor and dancing with another individual or with a group involves a physical and emotional connection with others.
  4. Improves Memory and Coordination Many types of dances require learning dance steps. The dancer needs to coordinate the steps and perform a connection between the mind and body. Improving the mind-body connection is another benefit of dancing.
  5. Mood Elevator Dancing is a recreational activity (unless you are in competition like "Dancing with the Stars") and is just plain fun. Dancing raises our endorphin levels. This helps to reduce stress and can even help to reduce the symptoms of depression. If you have a high-stressed job or personal life, why not try dancing once a week? You might be surprised just how good you feel during and after dancing.


Health Benefits of Dancing

Benefits of Dancing

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