5 Benefits Of Gelatin Supplements

Gelatin supplements are usually made from the collagen of animals; collagen is a protein that makes up and aides in the health of our skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscles, and the five benefits of taking gelatin supplements covers all of these areas.  Some supplements are also made from seaweed, a great alternative for vegetarians wanting to gain the benefits of gelatin without the animal byproducts. 


  1. Skin – The most natural way to help with problem skin is to fill your insides with what helps regenerate it. Regular consumption of gelatin supplements will help your skin become smoother, firmer and clearer over time.
  2. Hair – Before you turn to a hair club to regain its youthful luster, try gelatin. Our hair is made up of protein and gelatin supplements can help you achieve healthier, stronger, and shinier hair growth. It can also aide in faster growth of your hair.
  3. Nails – Nails are another indicator of our internal health and protein balance. You’ll notice stronger healthier nails fairly quickly when taking gelatin supplements.
  4. Bones – Gelatin supplements can aide in regenerating your joints should you suffer from a deficiency such as arthritis and often experience pain.
  5. Muscle – For athletes and weightlifters gelatin is a great supplement to take as it helps alleviate some of the pain when strength training. Gelatin aides in the health and formation of connective tissue so the supplements will also help you to healthily build muscle.

Tip: It is recommended to take at least ten grams a day to notice results. As with most supplements, allow at least three months to notice significant changes in your body.



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