5 Benefits Of Hunting

Beginning with creation of the world, hunting has been done over thousands of years for a number of reasons, but there are 5 benefits of hunting that apply to modern man. When hunting, you may discover that you are not so different from the animals you are hunting. Every animal is a hunter, although the main reason to hunt will vary.

  1. Hunt for Food. Although not as common as earlier days, you may need to hunt to feed your family. As food becomes more and more expensive, you may discover that instead of hunting for sport, you now need to supplement your family's food budget. Of course, your family will have to adjust their taste buds to accept the tang of wild game. And if your family decides they can't stand the taste, you can benefit by having a deer harvested to feed the poor. Besides showing that you are a good humanitarian, you might be able write off the donation on your taxes.
  2. Hunt While Male Bonding. Hunting is an activity enjoyed more by men than women. If you have a group of buddies that like to hunt, you can share the cost of renting a cabin deep in some woods for a few days. Besides the hunt, there is the opportunity to sit around and brag about your female conquests, even if they only happened in your mind. It also gives you a reason to sit around and enjoy a few beers with your friends and not have to drive home. Please avoid hunting and drinking at the same time though. You do not want to go back home and explain how you thought your best friend was a deer.
  3. Hunt to Relax. Sitting deep in the woods with nobody else around can be very therapeutic. Your life is hectic with all the demands of everyday living. Take some time out for yourself. Even if you don't make a kill, you will benefit from the peace and quiet sounds of nature. In case you are a person who dozes off when stationary for a while, pick a surrounding where you won't become the hunted instead of the hunter. Avoid areas where a bear or lion can pounce on you while you are napping.
  4. Hunt to Rid Yourself of Pent Up Anger. Take your anger out on the poor animals. Don't be one of those people who let their emotions build up until they reach a breaking point. News stories are full of bad events that could have been avoided if a person had just spent a few days out in the woods with a gun. Next time you feel the urge to hurt somebody, grab your gun and shoot a few unsuspecting squirrels.
  5. Hunt to Control the Animal Population. Yes, hunting can be considered a method of birth control! Sometimes nature does not do its job of thinning out the herd, and it needs your help. This will make you feel better about killing animals, if you have any hesitation about hunting.

Regardless of which benefit you enjoy the most, hunting is an activity that provides many. It can be considered as a means for providing for a family, a form of managing nature, and a great sporting event. So grab a gun and do your part!







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