5 Benefits Of Jogging Vs. Walking

As you review these 5 benefits of jogging vs. walking, keep in mind that there are really too many benefits to list. Though many people avoid jogging in favor of walking, those same people may find that it takes longer to achieve the fitness results they want. Whether the idea is to get in shape or to keep in shape, jogging basically offers all the benefits of walking, and then some!

  1. Cardiovascular benefits. One of the benefits of jogging vs. walking is that the cardiovascular system gets a better workout. One way to think of this is to compare the body to a car. Have you ever heard someone say they had to take their car out and "blow some carbon out"? That means that they had to push the car harder than they normally would in order to clean out some of the build-up. You body needs the same thing. In fact, you can test this by jogging faster than you normally would. Chances are that you will breathe harder than normal and even cough a bit. This is the body's way of cleaning out your lungs!
  2. Faster results. If you are trying to lose weight or get in shape, you can definitely do it with walking. One of the benefits of jogging vs. walking, however, is that you can meet your health goals faster than you will if you just walk. Since you're pushing your body harder, it's  burning more fat than it would if you were walking!
  3. Endurance benefits. Jogging helps to build endurance, making it an excellent choice when it comes to jogging vs. walking. What happens is that the body builds up a tolerance for the exercise. Soon after developing a jogging regime, you will find that you have more endurance for activities other than jogging!
  4. The runner's high. The runner's high isn't called a high for nothing! Jogging encourages the body to produce more endorphins than it does when you are walking. These endorphins are chemicals released into the body that cause the "high" in the runner's high.
  5. Distance and time. Obviously, runners are moving faster than walkers. This means that more distance can be covered in a shorter period of time. The more distance that is covered, the more your endurance is increased and the more distance you can add to the routine! This is especially important if you are pressed for time and want to get a workout in. If you only have a set amount of time, jogging vs. walking means that jogging is going to win every time as the better workout!


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