5 Benefits Of Magnesium Supplements

You gulp down a fistful of vitamins every morning with your cup of joe, but if you are like many men, you might be missing out on five benefits of magnesium supplements. True, you can get this miracle mineral from food, but most people fail to get an adequate daily dose from veggies, nuts, and whole grains alone. Once you know the magic magnesium can work, you will want it in your supplement arsenal.

  1. Keep beating to the right drum in garage band practice. A hot new beat is a good thing, but for your heart, not so much. Magnesium supplements help prevent arrhythmia, so your ticker can keep on beating to the right drum for a long, long time to come.
  2. Take the pressure off. If your doctor glared disapprovingly the last time he checked your blood pressure, you might want to give magnesium supplements a try. While results are mixed, some studies correlate magnesium intake with lower blood pressure, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center website.
  3. Bust out of migraine purgatory. Migraine headaches suck. They rob you of a perfectly good weekend and, come Monday, make you feel like a loser for calling in sick with another "flu", because you fear the boss just won't understand a "headache". If you feel as though some horrible karma has you locked in migraine purgatory, consider magnesium supplements to help bust you free. Migraine sufferers often have low levels of mineral in the blood, suggesting a connection, says the U.S. Agricultural Research Service website.
  4. Put the kabosh on muscle cramps. Ever since you packed serious pounds onto your squat bar, your legs clench and cramp at the worst possible moments. That clenched calf and quad–not to mention your gritted teeth–certainly didn't add to your professional polish when you gave your first presentation at work, but lucky for you, you can relieve your agony with magnesium supplements. Magnesium influences muscle contraction, so if you find the right balance with magnesium supplements, you might find serious relief from cramps, too.
  5. Stop counting sheep. If you hit the pillow every night exhausted, only to find yourself flicking on late-night cable because you can't sleep, you might have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency may alter brain waves, ultimately disrupting your sleep cycles, according to the U.S. Agricultural Research Service website.



Before trying any supplement, check with your doctor. Magnesium can interfere with other medications, and you want to make sure your problems do not come from another serious medical issue.






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