5 Benefits Of Mutual Masturbation

Get ready to read about 5 benefits of mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is when a male and his partner masturbate, usually to orgasm. There are many benefits to mutual masturbation. You and your girlfriend can masturbate together while laying side by side, standing up facing one another, or anyway you can think of.

  1. Respect for one another. You, your partner, or the both of you may want to abstain from sexual intercourse for any number of reasons. If this is the case, mutual masturbation will help you stick to your personal commitment/commitments while still allowing the two of you to express your sexuality.
  2. Pregnancy prevention. Mutual masturbation is probably the best method of birth control next of abstinence. As long as you aim away from the woman's vagina when you ejaculate, this method of birth control is one hundred percent effective. If your girlfriend uses another form of birth control, you can aim wherever you like.
  3. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Mutual masturbation will give you and your partner total control over where both of your body's fluids will end up. This will lessen any chance of either one of you contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
  4. Guilt free sexual expression. If you participate in mutual masturbation alone during your single years, when you are ready to married, you can honestly say to your future wife that she will be your first. Even if your wife had sex before the two of you married, this can only strengthen your bond.
  5. It's fun. Mutual masturbation can be way fun! Most males use some sort of visual stimulation when they masturbate alone. Imagine having a turned-on girl masturbating right in front of your eyes that you can ask to position herself to your fantasies. It can be a blast! Make sure you ask your girlfriend how she wants to see you masturbate for her.

Keep in mind, you will still have to practice responsibility and control when participating in mutual masturbation. Sperm is very sneaky, so make sure your aim is not on target when you shoot. And remember to ask your girlfriend how she wants to see you masturbate for her.

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