5 Benefits Of Running Barefoot

Running barefoot can have tremendous benefits; learn about 5 benefits of running barefoot at MadeMan. Many runners love the feeling of running barefoot with nothing in between their foot and the ground; but running barefoot is not for everyone, so before attempting it, make sure you are not someone who needs a corrective shoe or orthopedic shoe. Learn about the 5 benefits of running barefoot below.

  1. Running barefoot will strengthen your feet. One benefit of running barefoot is that it will strengthen the muscles on the foot. Shoes don’t allow all of your foot muscles to be exercised; rather, many of them are actually constricted. The arch of your foot will become especially stronger, which could possibly help your foot to pronate less (researchers are still investigating this relationship).
  2. Running barefoot will improve your biomechanics. Harvard researchers found that running barefoot might actually help your running form. Runners who had the benefit of being able to run barefoot landed on their forefoot or midfoot. Runners who land on their heels are biomechanically inefficient and more susceptible to injuries.
  3. We evolved running barefoot. Some scientists believe that our feet might benefit more from distance running if we run barefoot. Runners didn’t wear running shoes up until the 1970s. Note: Again, it is important to remember that not everyone will benefit from running barefoot.
  4. Running barefoot is comfortable. Running barefoot can provide your feet with many new sensations; however is you have poor biomechanics, it might take your feet awhile to get comfortable. The same goes for runners who are used to striking the ground with their heel first. If you want to have the greatest benefit from barefoot running, start slowly and give your feet time to adjust.
  5. You will save money. The average running shoe costs 100 dollars. If you are a distance runner, you are probably spending 100 dollars on new shoes every two to three months. If you run barefoot for the most part, it will benefit you by saving you hundreds of dollars a year.



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