5 Benefits Of Running In The Rain

If you are an avid runner, or even just beginning, you should know the 5 benefits of running in the rain. While most prefer ideal running conditions (cool breezes, sunny skies, proper temperatures), there are real benefits of running in the rain. Grappling with tough conditions helps runners in many ways.

  1. You won’t get heat exhaustion. When it is raining, the sun is not shining. Additionally, rain cools the air temperature, allowing your body to dissipate heat more quickly. Running in the rain is an excellent way to prevent heat exhaustion – the cooler air temperatures and wet skin whisk heat away and keep you cool.
  2. You can put in a more intense workout. Without worry of heat exhaustion, and without the sun beating down on you, it is possible to put in a more intense workout. Your body will remain cooler, allowing you to push the limits further without endangering yourself. Some of your most effective workouts can be done while running in the rain.
  3. You exercise more muscles. Rain usually creates a running surface that is harder to navigate. Slippery roads, muddy conditions, and wet turns require more care to run over. Your body compensates as you more carefully watch where you place your feet and attempt to keep better control of your balance. Doing this requires the use of smaller coordinating muscles, conditioning your legs as if you were trail running. Stronger legs translate into more endurance and faster race times.
  4. You develop physical and mental toughness. When conditions are not ideal, running can become a chore. Suffering through runs in the rain will toughen you up both mentally and physically. Running in the rain helps to prepare you for those race times when you have to dig deep just to continue. As you remember suffering through all that time running in the rain, you will gain the fortitude to conquer your race.
  5. Best of all, you won’t need to clean your running shoes. Let the rain do it for you, and strike that off your to do list.

Even though conditions are not ideal, there are benefits to running in the rain. The potential for more intense workouts, reduced likelihood of heat exhaustion, the development of additional leg muscles, and enhanced physical and mental toughness all make running in the rain an excellent training option.

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