5 Benefits Of Running Stairs

Here is a great way to learn about five benefits of running stairs. The idea of getting healthier and feeling better is appealing. But there are some other benefits to enjoy too. Here are the five main benefits of running stairs.

  1. Healthy lifestyle. With this important life change, you will definitely start to see some changes in your overall general health.
  2. Combating obesity and/or diabetes. If you are diabetic, regular exercise like running stairs and the health benefits that will bring could make all those health concern disappear over time.
  3. Happy heart. It sounds cheesy, but your heart will thank you for exercising it by running stairs. Heart health is important to living a long and happy life.
  4. Weight loss. Of course you will start to lose some weight, and who minds losing a few pounds you didn't need to put on? Think about how much weight you want to lose, and use that as motivation when your climbing those stairs.
  5. Awesome cardio. Cardio melts fat. Therefore, you will begin to notice a smaller waistline. You will also notice other areas of your body starting to shrink, some sooner than others, depending on your body.

Results always vary from person to person. But you'll notice that running stairs will give you quite an energy boost. At night or mid-afternoon when you wore out before, now be less tired. It's easy to start running stairs and give exercising like this a go. But sticking with it is a lot harder. Even when you start to see results you still may not be up to sticking with running stairs.

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