5 Benefits Of White Lotus Chinese Herbal Medicine

Though there are certainly more than 5 benefits of White Lotus Chinese herbal medicine, there are at least five that should be pointed out to those that are unfamiliar with Chinese herbal medicine. The premise of using this method of health care is so simple that once informed, a person will hardly believe he hadn't obtained this information sooner.

  1. Individualized treatment. White Lotus Chinese herbal medicine is all about the individual, as is traditional Chinese herbal medicine. There are thousands of herbs to use in the treatment process, but the combination of them is made for the needs of the individual rather than on a grand scale. Every person has their own health needs. That's why each person is considered and treated on an entirely separate basis.
  2. Vegan. One of the benefits of White Lotus Chinese herbal medicine is that it is completely vegan. Not all types of Chinese herbal medicine use vegan products. Using vegan products means that the body is only dealing with natural herbs and can easily break them down and disperse their qualities throughout the body. There are no chemicals for the body to filter through.
  3. Avoids immunity. Since each person is treated on an individual basis with all natural herbs, there is no way for people to build up an immunity to the herbs. In western medicine, people are given mass amounts of the same type of prescriptions. The body builds up an immunity to these chemicals.
  4. Treats the cause. Western medicine places the focus of the treatment on the symptoms of the actual problem rather than the problem itself. In the style of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, White Lotus Chinese herbal medicine places the focus on the actual cause of the symptoms. For instance, if the person has a reoccurring acne, the acne is not what will be treated.  Instead, the cause of the acne will be found and treated.
  5. Prevention. The entire goal of White Lotus Chinese herbal medicine is prevention of health problems while using completely natural products. While there certainly is an interest in dealing with current health problems in an efficient manner, the goal is to get the patient healthy and help them stay healthy!


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