5 Best 10 Mile Running Shoes

When considering the 5 best 10 mile running shoes, the fundamental things to looks for are maximum support, cushioning and durability. The best running shoes for distance running of 10 miles or more should allow you to run comfortably and injury-free. The 5 best 10 mile running shoes for men or women are all made of the lightest materials that are bio-mechanically designed for foot type and running style.

  1. Asics Gel Nimbus 12 running shoes are noted for their cushioning. These lightweight running shoes offer great shock absorption and are a good choice for the neutral to under-pronating runners. Under-pronation means your feet tend to roll outward when running.
  2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10s are stability running shoes. They are best for those with normal arches and neutral to mildly over-pronating feet,  which means your feet tend to roll inward when running.
  3. Mizuno Wave Creations are top running shoes and are an excellent choice for neutral runners. These running shoes are noted for being durable and  well-cushioned shoes. Featuring the Mizuno midsole ventilation system, heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe are reduced, giving the runner a comfortable ride.
  4. New Balance is a favorite among long-distance runners. The New Balance 1063 comes with performance technology that stands out among neutral running shoes. This shoe has been crafted using a combination of mesh and synthetic materials that gives a runner great cushioning and running efficiency.
  5. Saucony running shoes have always been noted for their fit. The Saucony ProGrid Jazz 13 is a neutral-cushioned shoe built for men and women with high arches.

These 5 best 10 mile running shoes are all noted for their durability and comfort when running long distances. If you're planning to be running 10 miles or more, make sure you get the right shoes for you!

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