5 Best 1950’s TV Shows

If you like watching old black-and-white TV shows, you may be interested in the 5 best 1950s TV shows. These shows tend to showcase more family values than the shows on TV today, and offer more good, clean comedy. The TV shows from the 1950s may lack in special effects, but the acting is real.

  1. "Dragnet" In this 1950s TV show, Joe Friday is a detective in Los Angeles, California. This is said to be one of the most successful police dramas in the history of TV. The theme song is one of the most recognized tunes around.
  2. "Lassie" Who doesn’t love a show about a boy and his dog? Lassie touched a special place in people’s hearts. This was one of the longest-running series that debuted in the 1950s, as it ran for nearly twenty years. Lassie is the most recognized dog in household history.
  3. "I Love Lucy" Lucy Ricardo is probably the most recognized icon of 1950s TV shows. Everyone loves that red-headed, laughable lady who has touched the hearts of many as she would unwittingly get herself into some kind of trouble.
  4. "The Lone Ranger" "Hi-ho Silver! Away!" This TV shows holds a special place in our hearts as many of us have memories of singing the theme song as children. Tonto nursed the Lone Ranger back to health after he was left for dead, and a companionship began that started this 1950s TV show.
  5. "The Honeymooners" Long before Jackie Gleason was Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Portague County, he was Ralph Kramden. Kramden was a city bus driver with big dreams, and his wife tried to keep him grounded while he dreamed big.
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