5 Best 1st Anniversary Gifts For Wife

Traditionally, the first anniversary is paper as gifts so keep this in mind when thinking of the 5 best 1st anniversary gifts for wife. You want to make this anniversary memorable, but also give her something she will enjoy so choosing the perfect present is essential.

  1. Photographs. Photographs in a nice photo album or even a picture frame are a perfect gift to keep those memories that you both have shared with each other. This is one of the best 1st anniversary gifts for wife.
  2. Tickets. Tickets to her favorite event, show, or anything else that you can think of that she might like is the perfect way to get her attention and give her a gift she will always remember. It also gives you both a chance to spend time together during the special day.
  3. Love letter in a bottle. A love letter in a bottle is a timeless and sweet best 1st anniversary gifts for wife. You can choose someone else’s poem to put on the letter, or choose to write your own love letter to make it more personal. This is a favorite among a lot of women, and it shows your sensitive side while also making her blush.
  4. Paper roses. To keep the paper theme of the first anniversary going, instead of purchasing real roses that will wither and die, get her paper roses that will stay with her forever. Perhaps you can personalize a message to go along with the roses, and this will give her something to know that you care while also doing your research on the first wedding anniversary gift: paper.
  5. Vacation. Who wouldn’t want a vacation? This is something that is considered one of the best 1st anniversary gifts for wife since you can bring her back to your honeymoon place and wine and dine her once again. Recreate the moments that you both had fun during. This is something that you will want to do again and again, and creates even more memories for the both of you to share. 
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