5 Best 1st Date Ideas For A Sunday Afternoon

These 5 best 1st date ideas for a Sunday afternoon are a creative way to show your date your softer side. Another big benefit is that they are all relatively cheap so you are not investing a lot of money into a date if it is not going to work out. Don't make them look cheap though, adding little touches like great food for a picnic lunch or a nice restaurant for brunch will make you look like the perfect guy.

  1. The Coffee Date. A great way to get to know someone in a causal setting is in a small cafe over lattes. This is a perfect setting for a Sunday afternoon and the kind of place where you can sit for as long as you want to without any pressure.
  2. Hiking. If you live near the mountains a Sunday afternoon hike is a good way to chat and get to know one another while you enjoy some good fresh air. and hopefully some beautiful scenery. You can even impress you date even more by providing some snacks and drinks for when you get to the top of the trail.
  3. Sunday Brunch. This will only work for an early afternoon 1st date, but a Sunday brunch is casual and fun. Make sure to choose a higher end restaurant that serves brunch in your area. Mimosa's are the perfect Sunday brunch date drink if you are both up for it.
  4. A Picnic. Weather permitting, a picnic in a local park is a great way to impress a date on a Sunday afternoon. You can easily have a local sandwich shop or restaurant pack a picnic lunch for both of you. Choose the spot for the picnic carefully though. If you want privacy make sure you go to an more our of the way area than a crowded park full of families with kids. If privacy is not an issue then choose a nice area near a lake or a pond even if there will be other Sunday park goers there.
  5. An Art Gallery. Spend your Sunday afternoon meandering through an art gallery or a museum. The pieces in the gallery or museum will give you talking points if you need them, or just provide a background of you don't. If your feeling it you can also hold her hand and make it more romantic as you stroll through the exhibits.
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