Everyone knows that you don’t really need to implement gamification into drinking, but getting soused in a competitive setting is essential to human socialization. Who are you if you can’t sink the last beer pong cup or slam that quarter into the cup before you have to chug? You are a person at a great disadvantage. Learn your college drinking games; you’ll be thankful you did.

Maybe it’s a quiet night in with your girl, or a quick pregame with one of your roommates, but any of these five best two-player drinking games will be sure to keep both the entertainment and booze flowing.

Not everything has to be an outrageous, raucous 10-person flip cup tournament, and playing a two-person drinking games can be exciting, especially with the right people. Grab your favorite beverage, seat, a great partner and prepare yourself to drink up, whether you choose to chug beer or slam shots.


1. One-On-One Beer Pong. Everyone has talked some trash to their friends or girlfriend about their incredible accuracy and success in the classic drinking games of Beer Pong. Up the ante and take on a drinking buddy in a head-to-head match up to settle the score once and for all.

2. Gambling with Alcohol. This is an easy concept that can be applied to a number of gambling games between two people, but wagering alcohol instead of money. The popular dice game, Cee-lo, can quickly be converted into a wild drinking games experience by betting a number of sips from a drink, instead of dollars against a players dice roll. The same idea works with card games such as Heads Up, Blackjack or Poker.

3. Pinky McDrinky. Pinky McDrinky uses three dice, one pink and two white. One person starts by rolling the pink die, and then both players roll their white dice simultaneously. If your die matches the pink one, give a drink to the other player, but if the sum of the two white dice equals seven, both people take a swig. If each player rolls the same number, a quick match of “rock, paper, scissors” determines the winner of the round. Finally, if all three dice match, whoever grabs the pink one first is allowed to roll, forcing their opponent to drink the rolled amount.

4. War. This is a classic card game from childhood, but with an adult element tossed in for your drinking game pleasure. Divide a deck of cards evenly between two players, with each person drawing a card at the same time. Whoever’s number is lower takes a drink and loses their card to the other player, continuing in this fashion until one woozy person has taken the entire deck. If both people draw the same card, count out four cards, with the final face up, and the highest value wins the entire stack. After a match or two of this, you’ll have a completely new understanding of drinking game war.

5. Buzz. If you aren’t much for cards or dice, Buzz might be the easiest yet, requiring only the skill of counting, although this will become increasingly tougher as the evening progresses. Alternating between the two players, count back and forth, until reaching seven, which is replaced with “Buzz.” On each multiple of seven, the number is replaced with “Buzz,” and each mistake costs you one drink. For added complexity, try changing the multiple every time someone forgets, and this becomes one of the toughest two player drinking games yet.