5 Best 2008 Breakup Songs

These are the best breakup songs of 2008. Every time somebody breaks up with us, we either feel free or we feel sad. Most the time we feel sad, but with these songs you will have an easier time getting through your breakup. Whether it is by crying out the pain, or typically just saying, "f" you, your loss. Here are the five greatest breakup songs released in 2008.

  1. "On To The Next One"- This breakup song belongs in the post hard core genre. In other words, this song is an angry song. Sung by a band that later broke through onto the national stage, Escape The Fate says it best. "Now your gone, and your onto the next one, This time I got to live with out you."
  2. "So What"- Sung by spunky Pink, "So What" basically is a way to say bye after a breakup. Now that your ex is finally gone you can live the way you want to. Seriously, who wants to sit there and mope? Don't get sad, just get mad to the tune of this 5 best breakup song," So What".
  3. "Hot N Cold"- Katy Perry describes an on and off relationship in the 2008 mega hit "Hot N Cold". Nothing is worse than breaking up so often just to make up in the future, so just do what Katy Perry does in this song and tell it how it is.
  4. "Heartless"- Ever wonder how your ex could be so…heartless? Well so does Kanye West. "Heartless" was yet another mega hit in a year with such great breakup songs.
  5. "Apologize"- Ever have somebody who breaks up with you, then wants to get back together? Well, tell them "no". As sung in this song by One Republic, you will not always be there for them just when they need you. Sometimes apologizing just is not enough.
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