5 Best 2010 B Movie Actresses

If your love of obscure cinema is insatiable, be sure to check out the 5 best 2010 B movie actresses. These ladies might have appeal to many niche audiences and don't need colossal budgets or red carpet premieres to earn a spot in our hearts. What these women lack in blockbuster glam they more than make up for with pure charm. If you love movies that are so good, they're bad, then you'll love these 2010 B movie actresses.

  1. Christina Ricci. This waify blonde is easily one of the best 2010 B movies actresses. Starring in movies that range from "horrific" or "just watchable," this girl is the queen of underpaid, under-directed cinema. Just recently, she starred opposite Justin Long and Liam Neeson in "After.Life" as a young woman who is stuck between the worlds of life and death. It's lucky that she was naked for most of the movie, or otherwise we'd have little reason to sit through it.
  2. Radha Mitchell. This sexy lady has starred in films such as "Henry Poole is Here" and the big screen adaptation of "Silent Hill," but it was her recent performance in "The Crazies," opposite Tim Olyphant, that put her on this list as one of the best B movie actresses. In that slasher horror flick, she and her on-screen husband must escape the town's inhabitants who have become "crazy" due to a military test gone wrong. Participating in a film with a script this bad and acting that's even worse, you know that Mitchell belongs on the list.
  3. Kelly Brook. When does a stunning British model belong on a list of the best 2010 B movie actresses? When she's the sexy star of the monster movie "Piranha 3D." Brook stars as Danni, a pretty model who is the girlfriend of an eccentric photographer who is dead set on making a photo shoot even sexier, despite the presence of man-eating, prehistoric piranhas. Luckily, Brook spends most of the movie in either a bikini or topless, making her well deserving of a spot on this list.
  4. Rooney Mara. This actress actually has some decent film credits to her name, including "Youth in Revolt" and the upcoming biopic about Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. However, it's her role in the recent reboot of the classic horror franchise, "The Nightmare on Elm Street," which gives her a spot on this list. If there is one thing that defines a B movie actress, it's her ability to star in anything that's slasher film-related. Luckily for us, Ms. Mara did just that.
  5. Ali Larter. Probably the most famous person on this list, behind Christina Ricci, most of us remember Ali Larter from the whip cream bikini scene in "Varsity Blues." Nowadays, she's been in a lot more horror movies, including the first two entrants to "The Final Destination" series and the remake of the classic "House on Haunted Hill." More currently, she's been roughing it up as Claire Redfield in the horror series "Resident Evil," and playing a super powered vixen in the television drama "Heroes." Sorry Ali, but once you make the jump from the big screen, to the small screen, and back to the big screen, you're officially on the B list.
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