5 Best 2010 Instrumental Songs

Choosing the 5 best 2010 instrumental songs was a very difficult task with so many talented musicians out there. It was also a lot of fun listening to the many finalists. With a collection that spans many different genres. Everyone will find one to their taste

  1. “The Rain Must Fall” written and performed by Yanni. “The Rain Must Fall” is heart rending and uplifting all at once. This song was written for the Haiti earthquake and it brings all of the damage to buildings and people to life as well as the horror and hope felt by all.
  2. ” Prince of Persia" Theme Song performed by Godsmack. With a stirring beat this song has an eastern flavor to it. This was an excellent piece from "The Prince of Persia" soundtrack.
  3. “Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus” by Fausto Papetti & Paul Mauriat. Reed instruments played with a sixties/early seventies flavor is an interesting experience. If a very different experience is what you want, this song is definitely worth a listen.
  4. ”Nasty Boy”, produced by Stevie J. This piece has a moderate beat, good for dirty dancing. It is a very upbeat song that stirs the blood and a good choice for a dance mix.
  5.  “Sky’s the limit” produced by Easy Mo Bee. This instrumental has a moderate beat but is very relaxing. It won’t put you to sleep, but it is also not a dance tune. This is also a good party mix piece. This song is perfect for a party mix as a musical backdrop to accompany good conversation without overwhelming it. 

There are many more instrumentals out there. Open your mind and listen to some of them.

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