5 Best 3 Person Drinking Games

Looking for the 5 best 3-person drinking games? Most 3-person drinking games are modifications of 2- or 4-person drinking games. The best 3-person drinking games are the ones you come up with on your own. Adding alcohol to any game will greatly enhance the fun factor of that game. It’s all about being creative and incorporating the alcohol into the game fully. You don’t just want the alcohol to be present. You want the alcohol to actually control the outcome of your 3-person drinking game. So, how do you pick the best drinking games to play? Well, the games need to be simple and straightforward. Remember, the alcohol has to be a necessary factor in the game.

  1. Cutthroat Spades. This particular brand of Spades was made for three people. Adding alcohol to the game makes it even more fun. The person that wins the most books in a hand is exempt from drinking. The two losers have to down their respective alcoholic beverages as fast as possible. Play to a number score. The first person to reach that score wins. You’re guaranteed to be tipsy by the end of this game.
  2. Three-man beer pong. You all know the rules of regular beer pong. Well, consider this the cutthroat version of beer pong. When it’s your turn, you can choose which of your opponents you want to throw the ping pong ball at. The object of the game is to get both of your opponents drunk and off the table before you. The succession of turns goes counter clockwise. This is another 3-person drinking game that’ll leave your head spinning.
  3. Bull. This is a card game that can involve as many people as you like. It works best as a 3-person game, though. Pick a card out of the deck and slap it on your forehead so that your opponents can see it. The object of the game is for you to guess what your card is before they do the same. It’s up to your opponents to try to send you off by basically lying to you. If you think they lie, you yell “Bull.” If it is a lie, then they have to each take a shot. But here’s the catch: if one tells you the truth about your card and you yell “Bull,” you have to take both of your opponents’ respective shots. The winner will successfully guess his card.
  4. Edward 40-Hands. This is for all you college drunks out there. You have a 40-ounce beer can in each hand. You can’t put either down until you totally finish drinking both. The winner is the person who successfully knocks out both beers. What does he win? A ride on the intoxication train.
  5. Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Everybody! An oldie but goodie, the old-school shot contest with three players. It’s simple, and it’s straight to the point. It can be played with or without money involved. Just make sure you don’t do any driving after playing this game. Heck, don’t drive after playing any of these games.
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