5 Best 311 Songs That Sound Like Reggae

No band has successfully pulled off the fusion of numerous musical genres quite like Alt-rock quintet  311, and we've got a list of the 5 best 311 songs that sound like reggae to prove it. That's right, reggae. Along with genres ranging from rock to rap-metal, it's especially been their reggae sound that has served as a sort of trademark for the band, and has made their music more distinctive. What music fan wouldn't be down with such a sound? Here's our top five song list.

  1. "Love Song." This 311 hit, featured in the movie "Fifty First Dates," is a cover of The Cure's "Love Song." The song's reggae sound resonates throughout– mellow vocals, warm and choppy lead guitar lines, prominent bass and soothing synthesizers,  the song is arguably one of 311’s best sounding reggae songs to date.
  2. "Amber." Perhaps one of the band’s best known, radio friendly singles, “Amber” is a prime example of the band's reggae sound and Bob Marley as a musical influence. Especially notable: P-Nut’s smooth and simple bass work and Tim Mahoney’s various guitar riffs, a combination of short played upstrokes and gloriously bright solos and strumming.  
  3. "First Straw." The song appeared as a new track on 311’s "Greatest Hits (1993-2003)" album. From harmonious vocals, to sublime guitar work, to a steady backing bass and prevalent snare drum, “First Straw” encompasses a sound of reggae that’ll leave any listener feeling good vibrations.
  4. "I'll Be Here Awhile." From the song’s opening filled with beautiful guitar picking, “I'll Be Here Awhile” shifts into a fluid, up-tempo single with an undeniably engaging reggae sound. The reggae-sounding 311 song establishes a fun, laid back atmosphere pleasing to the senses.
  5. "Beyond the Gray Sky." Another 311 song with a reggae sound, "Beyond the Gray Sky" was featured on the band’s seventh studio album, "Evolver." With calming vocal tones and effects-infused reggae sounding guitar lines, it’s a tune that’ll make any listener groove. 
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