5 Best 3D Movies To Watch Stoned

Although nearly any movie is great to watch while stoned there are five best 3D movies to watch while stoned. All movies can be offered in a different prospective if they are watched while stoned; however, a 3D movie can offer a larger than life experience.

  1. “My Bloody Valentine”. Murder, blood, gore? What could be more intense while you are stoned. This movie was gruesome enough on its own, now imagine feeling as if you are sitting right in the middle of the slicing and dicing going on.
  2. “Final Destination: Death Trip”. Remember to watch for the signs to stay alive in this best 3D movie while you are stoned. You are trying to defeat death as it hunts you down and is all around you.
  3. “Polar Express”. This classic children’s book came to life with 3D magic. Sitting in the comfort of your living room you will feel as if you are there. You will feel the chill from the cold and almost taste the snowflakes on your tongue.
  4. “Jaws”. This movie is scary enough on a regular TV and being stone cold sober. If seeing it before didn’t keep you out of the water, you need to watch the 3D version while stoned and I can guarantee that your feet will never touch the water again, especially somewhere where you can’t see the bottom.
  5. “Open Season”. Although all animated films are great to watch when stoned, this is a favorite. You find yourself in the middle of Boog’s world, trying to help him out and keep himself alive as hunting season is about to start.
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