5 Best 80cc Motocross Bikes

If you are looking for a good motocross bike, then you need to know the 5 best 80cc Motocross bikes! Any one of these bikes are a great choice for anything from an intermediate to an advanced Motocross racer! Just remember that you should test out these and other Motocross bikes before you go and purchase anything.

  1. The Suzuki JR80. This bike is considered lightweight even for an 80cc Motocross bike, which is good for those speed demons! It is a very durable model that is one of the most popular 80cc Motocross dirt bikes on the market for the simple fact that it has a great reputation. Keep in mind that most Suzuki Motocross bikes are built for beginners, and that is why they are very common among new riders.
  2. The Honda CR80. The Honda CR80 is also one of the most popular 80cc Motocross dirt bikes next to the Suzuki JR80. It’s like the McDonalds and Burger King of the Motocross bike world, and is, for the most part, only differentiated in by the personal opinion of the rider/buyer. This bike is built as about an equal between speed and safety.
  3. The Suzuki DS80. Another one of the popular bikes, this is more recent than either the JR80 or the CR80, so is not as commonly seen around the Motocross tracks. It is a little cheaper than the other two Motocross bikes for those on a budget, but don’t let that steer you away from this Motocross bike! The most important thing with this bike like the others, is to inspect whether it was taken care of well.
  4. The Kawasaki KX80. If the two biggest names in the Motocross bike industry just don’t cut it for you, consider a Kawasaki KX80. It is about the same price point as the Honda and the JR80 and as just as durable. Most of the bikes in the price range of 600 or 700 were built with parts of equal quality, so the most important thing is that you sit on all of these bikes and give them a run to see what you like! This Kawasaki is recommended more for riders with at least a little bit of experience, as it has a fast acceleration and higher top speed than the other bikes.
  5. The Honda XR 80. This is another quality Motocross bike that is usually a good middle ground between being fast but not so fast a newer rider will lose control.
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