5 Best 80’s Cold War Movies

If you like to watch movies, here are the 5 best 80’s Cold War movies that you can check out. These movies about the U.S battling the Soviet Union during the Cold War have some big-name action stars, and many of them are still making movies today. If you are a fan of any of these actors you should rent these 80’s Cold War movies.

  1. "Red Dawn." The late great Patrick Swayze stars in this 1984 movie along with Charlie Sheen. They are brothers who fight the Russians on American soil after an invasion. If you are a fan of Swayze, he is great in this movie. It is definitely one of the best 80’s Cold War movies.
  2. "The Falcon and the Snowman." Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton star in this 1985 political intrigue movie. It is actually based on a true story which makes the plot more believable than a normal spy movie. If you like CIA vs. KGB films, this is one of the best 80’s Cold War movies you can rent.
  3. "Top Gun." Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are pilots in this 1986 hit movie. The two battle each other for most of the movie to see who is the best pilot. They team up to fight some Soviet planes in the climactic scene and it is well shot. While this may not be the best 80’s Cold War movie, it is in the top 5.
  4. "Red Heat." Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi are the stars in this 1988 Cold War movie. Arnold is the Russian and Belushi is the American. It is a cop buddy movie that is funny but also has a lot of action. Arnold actually pulls off the Russian accent and Belushi is great as his comic sidekick.
  5. "Firefox." This 80’s Cold War movie stars Clint Eastwood. It came out in 1982 and is still great to watch today. Eastwood battles the KGB during the movie as he tries to steal one of their planes. He also produced and directed the movie and did a good job handling all of his duties. Rent this one if you are a fan of Clint.
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