5 Best ’80s Movie Soundtracks

How many times did you wish you could drop the top of your fancy sports car and blast the 5 Best '80s Movie Soundtracks as loud as you could hoping every hot chick within 100 yards could hear you? Well, slick back your hair, and throw on some "Risky Business" shades while we list the soundtracks that will have her saying "Omg, I loved that movie," right into your arms.

  1. "Cocktail."  After seeing "Cocktail" every man in America wanted to be a professional bar tender at some hot dance club where they could impress every hot chick that happened to see what they were mixing.  The 1988 "Cocktail" Soundtrack tops our 5 Best '80s Movie Soundtracks because it was loaded with songs such "All Shook up" by the late Elvis Presley, "Tutti-Frutti" by Little Richard, "Chantilly Lace" by The Big Bopper. Grab your drink shaker, make like Brian Flanagan and shake-shake-shake to "The Hippy Hippy Shake," with this must have '80s Music Soundtrack.
  2. "Top Gun." Is it any surprise that the top two Movie Soundtracks happen to have Tom Cruise in them? Every man whether they want to admit it wanted to be Tom Cruise in the '80s. All the women swooned over him especially during his "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" number as Maverick in the movie "Top Gun."  This movie not only has an awesome soundtrack but it is also the reason why every man in America has a wing man just as awesome as Goose.
  3. "Flashdance." When you think of '80s music, there is no way that you can keep the image of Jennifer Beals leaping around in her tight leotard out of your head. The song "Maniac" and that very image of Miss Alex Owens getting water dumped over that tight dancer body is the very reason why the "Flashdance" soundtrack sits in the 5 Best '80s Movie Soundtracks. 
  4. "Footloose." Back when Kevin Bacon was actually a good actor in 1984, the song "Footloose" could be heard in anything that played music!  This soundtrack is full of music that will make a town that is dance-free, dance once again.  With songs such as "Hurts So Good" by John Cougar Mellencamp, "Dancing in the Streets" by Shalamar and the one and only "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins, the "Footloose" soundtrack will have you up and dancing all night long!
  5. "The Big Chill."  Rounding out the 5 Best '80s Movie Soundtracks is none other than the music from "The Big Chill." We all can identify with this movie and soundtrack as we get older and wonder what could have been or why it is.  With the opening song on the soundtrack being "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones it is sure to be a hit in anyones music collection.
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