5 Best 85cc Motocross Bikes

The 5 best 85cc motocross bikes are some great rides built by the best manufacturers. As with any "best of "list, there are always those that don’t make the cut. This list of 85cc motocross bikes is a top competition flight set of bikes that fit the needs of any level rider. These motocross bikes are solid contenders and are sure bets for the serious motocross rider.

The five best 85cc motocross bikes are:

  1. “Yamaha YZ85:” This is an exceptional racing bike with superior balance and grip. Top grade tires and shocks make for as smooth of a ride as one can expect in dirt. The two stroke, liquid cooled, reed valve inducted engine picks up speed unbelievably quickly and is built with quality in mind. This light weight (156 lb) chain driven machine is one of the best production bikes on the market.
  2. “Kawasaki KX85:” This bike is a beast on the dirt, no question. A liquid cooled bore and stroke engine pushing 84/85 cc, with torque of a much higher rated engine, makes this bike a machine for the serious and skilled rider. Boasting a compression rating of 10:1 and a six sped transmission, fun is this rides middle name.
  3. “Honda CR85R:” This is another dual stroke, liquid cooled, reed delivery system bike meant for high speeds and rough terrain. The suspension is an adjustable leading-axle inverted for maximum absorption and comfort. This is an exceptional entry in the top five and geared towards the serious racer.
  4. “Suzuki RM85:” This is a classic CDI ignition, intercooled dirt bike geared for racing and freestyle. This exceptional bike is a direct competitor to the KX85 and shows well against its more expensive competitor. This is very sturdy and durable with all the features expected but at a lower price.
  5. “KTM 85CC:” Not a household name, but KTM produces some fine dual stroke, liquid cooled engines tightened onto lightweight and durable frames. This is a great starter bike for those wanting to get into the motocross scene. Affordable, professional grade and durable, the KTM grade 85cc bike is a force to consider. The engine is lighter with less torque and a longer ration but still works great for those trying to get comfortable and familiar with the sport.
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