5 Best ABC Family Christmas Movies

Christmas time is family time and what better way to spend time with your family than to gather in front of the television eating and enjoying these 5 best ABC Family Christmas Movies. ABC is known for their great family straight to television movies so trying to narrow them down to five was difficult, but these chosen are full of fun, the Christmas spirit and are great for the whole family.

  1. “Snowglobe” – Released December 2007, the movie sees a young girl Angela played by Christina Milian whose favorite time of the year is Christmas, however her family share less passion for the festive season that she does and soon finds herself transported into a world inside a snowglobe. This enchanting world who share the same passion for the season as she does, however she finds herself trapped inside. ‘Snowglobe” is a very captivating family drama full of action and adventure.
  2. “Santa Baby” – Released December 2006 and filmed in Canada, “Santa Baby” stars Jenny McCarthy as Mary a successful businesswoman who happens to be the daughter of Santa Clause. Due to her father’s health problems, Mary must step in and take over for her father in his duties and in doing so finds love again in an old flame. A witty, modern day twist Christmas family movie.
  3. “Christmas Do-Over” – Another 2006 ABC Family Christmas Movie and just as the title suggest the movie is about a selfish man played by Jay Mohr who has to repeat Christmas Day over and over until he begins to sees his selfish ways and makes a change. A great movie highlighting what Christmas is all about.
  4. “Christmas Cupid” – Released just a month ago “Christmas Cupid” is a modern day tale of “A Christmas Story” in where Christina Milian plays a successful PR agent who is visited by her dead client in the attempt to show her how wrong her ways have been.
  5. “Holiday in Handcuffs” – Released as part of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas programming in December 2007 and staring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. This romantic Christmas comedy in where we see Melissa Joan Hart’s character Trudie kidnapping Mario Lopez’s character David, due to the stress of living up to her parents and not up at home for the holidays without a boyfriend. In a twist of things the police show up, her siblings drop some shocking news on their parents and David begins to fall in Love with Trudie. A great light hearted Christmas family movie.
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