5 Best Action Adventure Movies Of 2009

The 5 best action adventure movies of 2009 were exciting, unusual and blockbusters. During 2009, some of the best action adventure movies of the decade were released. If you do not have the five best action adventure movies of 2009 in your movie collection, then you need to add them.

  1. "Star Trek" (2009). Fans of the original "Star Trek" (1966-1969) television series were hesitant to accept someone else playing Captain James T. Kirk besides William Shatner, or an actor playing Mr. Spock that was not Leonard Nimoy. It turns out that Nimoy did play Spock in this movie, but so did Zachary Quinto. This was an expertly written, produced and performed re-boot to a classic television series.
  2. "District 9" (2009). This entry into the list of the five best action adventure movies of 2009 has a "Blair Witch Project" feel to it, but the subject matter is way beyond anything found in a forest. The movie makes a political statement without people even realizing it. This could be because it is a really well-done action adventure film.
  3. "Inglorious Basterds" (2009). If Quentin Tarantino released a movie in 2009, it belongs on the list of top five action adventure movies of 2009. This movie includes a great performance by Brad Pitt, a weaving story line as only Tarantino can tell and an ending that no one would ever expect. As with any other Tarantino movie, it is important to remember that this movie is not based on any facts. It is just a story, but what a good story it is.
  4. "Avatar" (2009). "Avatar" is often referred to as the greatest movie ever made. It was the most expensive movie ever made up to 2009, and is also one of the top grossing movies of all time. The battle scenes are incredible, and the animation looks life-like. There is a lot to love about "Avatar" and that is what makes it one of the five best action adventure movies of 2009.
  5. "Watchmen" (2009). "Watchmen" received some negative press because one of the main characters, Dr. Manhattan, is a blue and nude man that appears in full view for much of the movie. Once people get past their squeamishness about this movie, they will come to realize it is one of the five best action adventure movies of 2009. It is based on a graphic novel and retains that comic book look that makes the action scenes really stand out.
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