5 Best Adidas Soccer Cleats

The five best Adidas soccer cleats on the market are considered by many to be the best soccer footwear available. Adidas soccer cleats are extremely popular with professional soccer players. It is important to consider your individual playing style, and surface field conditions when deciding which Adidas cleat is best for you. 

  1. The Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG are the world's fastest and lightest soccer cleats. These cleats feature a revolutionary lightweight SprintSkin upper and are designed for superior ball-fall and speed. The cleats weigh only 165 grams. 
  2. The Adidas Predator_X X-TRX SG are the ultimate all-terrain soccer cleats. These cleats feature an X-Traxion clip-in system for a soft-ground grip. In addition the Predator offers a Powerspine chassis to help improve your kick by optimizing power and swerve.
  3. The Adidas adiNOVA 2 FG soccer cleats are designed to play fast and hard. The adiNova cleats feature ground-gripping traction for firm surfaces. In addition, these cleats offer a high-performance shock-absorbing adiPrene under the heel designed to deliver responsive power on demand. 
  4. The Adidas Predator Absolion PS are the least expensive of the Adidas Predator series cleats and offer exceptional value. These cleats feature a calf skin upper and are designed for advanced players. These cleats feature a TRAXION FG outsole and provide a firm ground mastery.
  5. The Adidas adiNova 2 TRX FG cleats are designed for smooth moves and fast play. These cleats feature an ultra-sleek profile and adiPrene cushioning for tough players. In addition the adiNova offer a TRAXION FG outsole for top grip when playing on firm ground.



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