5 Best Adult Sex Dolls

The 5 best adult sex dolls are all those dolls that will allow you to ejaculate either inside or on them in the futile hope of simulating the lie that you have a girlfriend. Of course, you could also be a real studmuffin of a fellow, having a girlfriend and then a hot, little sex doll on the side for, you know, simply fun!

  1. Jana Cova Love Doll. The Jana Cova Love Doll is the best adult sex doll on this list because of how super-realistic it is. Its manufacturer calls it a love doll so you can kid yourself into believing that your purpose with this doll is affection–when you really know it's nothing but base lust (and perhaps a little bit of stress-release on the side, too!). Taking the form of adult temptress Jana Cova, this adult sex doll comes with soft latex skin so that when you are humping it, you can pretend it is a real, live porn actress! Wheee!
  2. Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll Adult Sex Toy Kit. The second-best adult sex doll on this list because it is made to look like an infamous porn thespian, this extreme doll sex toy kit includes everything you need in order to have that cheap and lustful, Motel 6-like sexual encounter that you've always longed for. If you like fellatio, this adult sex doll comes with a vibrating ultra-soft mouth for you to stick your you-know-what into! Hubba, hubba, for sure!
  3. TLC Virtual Girl. The TLC Virtual Girl comes in at number three on this list of the best adult sex dolls due to its anus and vagina being removable! Whoa, Nelly! Think of the endless possibilities for tender, loving care that this ultra-sexy option affords you. Any time you are too lazy to have fake-sex with this doll, you can just easily remove either the anus or the vagina part of it and then masturbate away to your heart's content, dog! A further bonus is how you can easily clean away your milky-white ejaculate from either part. The only problem is that this is the most expensive adult sex doll on this list.
  4. Yumi Asian Anime Love Doll. Take a trip to the Orient for this fourth-best adult sex doll on this orgasmic list of sin! Yumi is for all the guys out there who are heavily into anime and manga, but have never had the guts or the wherewithal to ask a real, live, Oriental girl out on a date in real life. So instead of bothering with those annoyances of connecting with real women, just get yourself this Oriental adult sex doll and have yourself a mind-blowing time.
  5. Tokyo Diva Vibrating Life-size Sex Doll. This countdown ends with another trip to the Orient, this time Tokyo. This is the fifth-best adult sex doll since it features perfectly trimmed pubic hair! How many times have you tried to have fake-sex with an adult sex doll only to be disgusted by the massive amounts of pubic hair the designer has thoughtlessly included on it? Too often. With this diva sex doll, all those frustrations are over and will melt away with your thrusting pelvic action.
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