5 Best African Basketball Players

Find out what are the 5 best African basketball players. Basketball is one of those sports that have been sweeping the nation. Almost everyone you meet has a favorite basketball player. Maybe one of your would be listed here. Get the drums rolling for the 5 best African basketball players of all time.

  1. Joquim Gomes. Joquim Gomes of Angola is rated as the top of the list African basketball player. He is the best to play the center and forward positions. That is amazing that he is able to play two positions. He is the only one to have outstanding stats in two areas. His stats are: 200-C/F-80
  2. Pape-Phillipe Amagou. Pape-Phillipe Amougu of Ivory Coast is titled to be the best guard. This African basketball player could guard his players like no other. His stats says it all with a statistic record of: 185-G-85.
  3. Romain Sato. Romain Sato of Central Africa plays as the best African forward position. His also a great guard, but forward is his best position. His statistics are as such: 194-G/F-81
  4. Jeff Xavier. Jeff Xavier of Cape Verde is an amazing athlete. He plays the points guard position. He averages at 27.2 points a game. So far that is more than up to ten of the best basketball players, including Gomes.
  5. Carlos Morais. Carlos Morais of Angola has helped lead his team to six consecutive gold metals. He scored twenty one points to help his team win their last tournaments. Out of their eleven gold medals, Morais has won ten of them. That is amazing! Surely, Angola is happy to have him as a player.
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